Unique Traits of Brazil

Brazil is a country that is quite diverse, and most Brazilians say that it is as good as a continent. This is one of the countries with huge landmasses in the world. While it does not have any mountains like the other neighbouring countries, it has a scenic view to offer. The rich culture is another thing that you will notice as soon as you land in this country. There are a number of airlines that offer cheap flights to Brazil, and as such, you can plan for a vacation to Brazil.

Population Distribution

When you book flights to Brazil, it is important to be sure on your exact destination. As mentioned earlier, the country has a vast landmass, but over 60% of the population lives in the coastal region. The other majorities live in major cities like Sao and Rio, and also in the Amazon. Rio and Sao are ranked among the best metropolises in the world, and there are 10 other cities that have over 1 million inhabitants. As you go deeper into the villages, the population become smaller and thinner. Most people take flights to Brazil to have a feel of the rich culture and enjoy the carnival.

What Attracts People to Brazil

With so many airlines offering cheap flights to Brazil, one may be left to wonder what makes this country so popular. Some of the main reasons that have made Brazil famous are the festivals and the coffee. There are tourists from all over the world who will make efforts to attend the Brazilian festivals. Their coffee, on the other hand, is exported to most of the countries in the world.

The Amazon River is in Brazil, and this is the second largest river in the world. When you are in Rio de Janeiro, you will notice the famous landmark of the statue of Christ, the Redeemer, which is overlooking the city. 60% of the rain forest, in the world, is in Brazil. You should find the best deals on flights to Brazil so that you can witness all these.

Foods to Eat in Brazil

There are certain foods that you should make sure that give a try while you are in Brazil. Some of the main foods include:

  • Moqueca is ideally some form of fish stew, which is a stew, served with a great display. The hot clay pot is uncovered at the table and releases a great aroma in the atmosphere.
  • Cachaca is made from fermented sugarcane juice and is known to generate a fiery boost in the Brazilian national cocktail.
  • If you love chocolate truffles, you should try the birgadeiros, which are made from condensed milk and cocoa powder, rolled in chocolate sprinkles.
  • Quindim is a sweet that is made from coconut, sugar, and eggs.

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